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EHC Home Decoration Co.,LTD Located in Dongguan City of GuangDong Province, We engaged in design and manufacturing customized high quality and luxury living room furniture such as sofa, soft bed, wood furniture, also our branch to produce curtain, throw pillow and bedding sets to match the overall house fitting up. 

We devoted to developing and design new styles to cater to different consumers needs for home living, such as Modern America style, Classic, Casual style, English and French Style, EHC have strict management from the raw material selection, production technology, we focused on the details of the products quality. 

EHC provide high end quality design for home living room, club, hotel and sample room, we have thousands of fabric pattern for sofa and curtain for following the most popular color and element, also we can offer one stop solution for home decoration such as Furniture, curtain, home textiles, lights ,wall decoration, blanket, and some other art decorations. 

From the separate living room sofa series extended to the overall home combination of the restaurant series and the bedroom series, the product content is rich and classic, elegant and practical. The designer's rigorous design techniques, from themes to the use of color, give each series a relatively unique aesthetic and value, conveying the comfort, elegance and closeness of nature of the current American home.

   We offer a variety of paint color and effect choices for each wood furniture. Sofas and soft beds also provide more choices of professional fabrics and leathers, giving users enough design space to mix and match free and individual. A perfect home life that is closer to the needs of customers.

EHC have hundreds of chain stores in China mainland and also exported to many countries such as Russia, Middle Asia countries, and some Europe Countries.